Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Butterfly Mobile

Wow! It has been for.ev.er since I've posted on here. I blame it on the kiddos not taking their naps anymore. :) I have SO many projects that have been left in limbo because I just have not made the time to finish them. But today I actually finished one off! Woohoo! It's this super cute butterfly mobile. I made one for each of my girls' rooms. I got my inspiration from HERE along with the template for the butterflies, but I made some changes (like making them 3 separate butterflies instead of one long mobile) and added some fun details as well (like the beaded butterfly bodies). These were fun to make, but I learned something very important: I. hate. working with invisible thread. It drives me bonkers! It gets tangled so easily and then is nigh impossible to untangle because you can't see the thread well enough to know which way is coming or going! Merciful heaven! But in the end, I guess it was worth it for the look on my daughter's faces when they realized they had BUTTERFLIES flying around their rooms. :)