Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Simple Skirt

Okay... It's as simple as this: I. LOVE. this. skirt. I didn't even buy this fabric with the intent of making a skirt out of it, but when Dixie started wearing the other skirt I made for her non-stop, I figured it was time for a second one. It really is funny because she will go dig the skirt (the original one) and a shirt out of the dirty laundry EVERY day, bring it to me, and say "skewrt?" ('skirt') with this totally precious/innocent look on her face, and I can't help but let her wear it... for a third day in a row. So much for cleanliness. :) Thankfully it's just skirts in general that she really likes and not that exact skirt, so when I made this new one, she was pleased as punch to wear it too. What a little girly girl she's becoming. Well, now I can at least get the other skirt washed! :) I think I'll have to make more. :)

Did I mention that I love this skirt (and the little girl that goes with it)? :)


Jamie said...

Love the skirt! I made one for my daughter not too long ago and she does the same thing. I'll have to get making some others here pretty soon! Great blog!

Emily said...

LOVE the skirt! Also, I know you can get chalkboard vinyl online (from me especially :) But, recently I have also seen it in some craft stores. But, it's in a weird place. I think it was around the wood-working isles or paint isles. Anyhoo, Thanks for your comment! Great blog too!